Month: May 2016

Notes for Panopto Proposal May 24, 2016

There is a proposal to pilot Panopto for one year with existing funds. This will not be a comparison pilot. We have looked at Panopto (demos 1 and 2), Arc, and Ensemble. Arc is still in beta and not viable

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Middlebury will Adopt Canvas

In January, 2016, the ACTT (formerly CTT) submitted a recommendation for Middlebury to adopt Canvas. The Academic Technology Group has received budget approval, and will begin the work of moving Middlebury into the Canvas service. Thank you to all of

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ACTT In-Progress Project Presentation for GoogleApps for Edu and OneDrive

[This meeting was rescheduled from May 17th to May 31st.] Tuesday, May 31st from 3-4pm LIB 105A or Polycom 712833 The new ACT Team process includes in-progress project presentations. These presentations are meant to inform the community about how things

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ACTT Extended Team Meeting Agenda for May 24, 2016

Extended Team meetings are closed meetings that allow the members to focus on discussions and work that needs to be done. You are receiving an invitation because you are either on the Extended Team or Project Team. Agenda We will

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Notes for Core Team May 18, 2016

Canvas No decision yet on Canvas. LS pilot is up and going with user/group provisioning via the Course Hub. Basic Canvas overviews will need to be added to Language School orientations. Discussion of location for Midd-created documentation about Canvas should

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Notes for Panopto Follow-up May 10, 2016

Presenters – Jeff Dennis and Jordan Prickett from Panopto   Panopto enables: Capture and upload video Keep a searchable video library Ability to watch Panopto playback on any device   Best Differences Scale: competitors software will be limited in comparison

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Notes for Ensemble Demo April 26, 2016

Presenters – Scott Nadzan from   Accounts & Access Supports LDAP, AD and CAS User Roles Institution Admin (Top-level “Middlebury”) Org Admin (e.g. Biology, Communications) Contributor (e.g. faculty) Everyone can see the navigation across the top of Institution>Organization>Library; view/manage

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