Evaluation Process

These are the steps to follow when launching a formal evaluation project within the context of the ACTT. The ACTT’s output is a series of recommendations for future action.

  1. Evaluation request is made to ACTT.
  2. The requestor will most likely be the Project Sponsor. In some cases, another admin may be sponsor.
  3. The ACTT Core Team and the Sponsor define the charge.
  4. ACTT Core Team vets the request to determine best course of action:
    1. This may require the Project Sponsor to meet with the ACTT Core Team prior to an open kick-off meeting to ensure the usefulness of engaging with ACTT.
    2. If the request can be answered by a workgroup or area, the request is forwarded to the appropriate people.
    3. If the request can be addressed with the members of the Extended Team the ACTT Core prioritizes the evaluation within the current work.
    4. If the evaluation request requires staff expertise beyond the Extended Team, the ACTT Core Team makes a recommendation for the implementation of a Project Team.
      1. ACTT Core Team assigns at least one Core Team member to the Project Team
      2. ACTT Core Team recommends Project Team Leader
      3. ACTT Core Team recommends others based on scope, expertise and interest.
    5. ACTT Core Team works with Departments to allocate staff time for evaluations
  5. The Project Team membership and charge are posted on the ACTT website.
  6. ACTT Core Team with the Project Sponsor and Project Team schedule an open Kick-Off meeting to discuss and communicate the charge from Project Sponsor. Notes from the meeting are posted to the ACTT website.
  7. Project Team meets.
    1. Review and clarify charge
    2. Refine requirements for the evaluation
    3. Articulate a strategy for the evaluation. This should include but is not limited to:
    4. Propose a high-level timeline for the evaluation
    5. Schedule future Project Team meetings
  8. ACTT Core Team reviews Project Team’s evaluation plan.
  9. ACTT Core Team and Project Team schedule Extended Team and open In-progress Project Presentations as needed. Notes are shared on the ACTT website.
  10. Project Team drafts initial recommendation and shares with ACTT Core Team
    1. Include who decides on whether or not to follow the recommendations.
    2. Recommendations should include budget and other resources required, etc.
  11. ACTT Core Team and Project Team meet to review recommendation
  12. ACTT Core Team revises and shares final recommendation with the Project Sponsor and the Project Team.
  13. Recommendation submitted for final approval. Recommendation is posted to the ACTT website.
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