Team Composition and Member Responsibilities

Core Team Member Responsibilities:

  • Set agendas and priorities for meetings, kick-offs and presentations.
  • Plan attendance and invitations.
  • Attend monthly meetings.
  • Schedule Kick-offs, In-progress Project Presentations, and Extended Team meetings.
  • Final approval on recommendations and projections.


Extended Team Composition and Member Responsibilities:

  • Made up of expert staff, Project Team members, and Program Team members.
  • Contribute expertise.
  • Round-the-table updates.
  • Share back with their group.
  • Attendance by invitation.


Project Team Composition and Member Responsibilities

  • Needs to include a Sponsor, a Team Leader, and a member of the Core Team. One person may serve more than one of these roles.
  • Schedule and set agendas for project meetings outside of ACTT meetings.
  • Have an initial meeting as the Project Team to create a high-level evaluation plan.
    • Should include how the Project Team will communicate.
  • Refine the requirements for a project.
  • Carry out the work to meet the charge of a project.
    • Collect data
    • Schedule vendor demos
  • Provide In-progress Project updates.
  • Make initial recommendations.


Program Team Member Responsibilities

  • Set schedule, agendas, and priorities for meetings, kick-offs and presentations for the Program Team that focuses on the needs of the program.
  • Will have (at least one) representative on the Core Team.


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