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ACTT Notes: UDOIT and the Academic Cyberinfrastructure

ACTT Team Membership Amy Slay is leaving ACTT Core team and is joining Extended Team. Looking for time for other projects. Joe A. would like to have somebody from Media Services join the team, Bob is talking with John in

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ACTT Notes

News & Updates Joe is still working with Panopto on testing updated integrations before activating. Faculty are seeing errors when they preview a quiz in Panopto. Agenda: Discussion: ITS Governance The portfolio meeting last week provided a more formal review

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ACTT Notes: Canvas Evaluation Review

Announcements / Updates: Request to add “UDOIT” to Canvas: Accessibility LTI that generates a report on a Canvas site to let faculty know when accessibility issues are present in a course. Joe will meet with the faculty to determine what

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Notes: March 28th, 2017

Guest: Mike Roy, Dean of Library Agenda: Overview of the IT governance process
 (Mike) The role of the academic portfolio group
 (Mike) Discussion: Questions we need to answer: 

what projects would we consider? which are too small? which are too

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Notes: March 14, 2017

1. WordPress review Recap recent history of review prep. MIIS has its own instance of WordPress separate from Midd. College. WordPress has grown quite a bit — 1000s of websites in our instance. WordPress has been difficult to keep up-to-date

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Notes: Moodle Archving

Guest – Billy Sneed We’re transitioning away from Moodle, but we’re still somewhat reliant on it, even though we’ve migrated to Canvas. We can’t totally turn Moodle off. Need to think thoughtfully about what we still need access to in

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Notes for Core Team Meeting:

February 28, 2017 Guests: Jeremy Dean and Nate Angell The ACTT Core Team met with Jeremy (Director of Education) and Nate (Director of Marketing) from ( ). This followed A two-week “facilitated online experience” using was led

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Notes for Core Team October 18, 2016

Moodle Archiving No courses using Moodle sites after December. Q: What form does the Moodle archive need to take? A: Read-only Q: How long do we need to keep the sites? Policy says 2 years, until December 2018 Q: Can

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Notes for Core Team September 20, 2016

LTI Report: What does ‘public’ actually mean? Partial list of installed LTI’s Adobe Connect, Lib Guides, Chat Room, Course Load, Andover Fulcrum Khan Academy Ted Ed App 3D game lab Amy S. noticed some were added to course she and

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Notes for Core Team September 13, 2016

Google Hangout Took some time to get the meeting going, meeting was not showing up in some people’s Hangout dashboard Sean showed Joe how to park a Hangout url, we will use that from now on Canvas LTI Governance Joe

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