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ACI – The Academic Cyberinfrastructure Inventory

Last Spring we gathered information on all of the services that make up our academic cyberinfrastructure, services and innovations for teaching, learning, research and creativity. This resulted in a long list of services in various stages of adoption. Since collecting

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ACTT Panopto Pilot Proposal

Evaluation Video has become a platform for course work and new pedagogies, co-curricular projects and more. It is also becoming a tool for internal and external communication (including for College governance). Our current solutions do not meet the expectations and

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Notes for Panopto Proposal May 24, 2016

There is a proposal to pilot Panopto for one year with existing funds. This will not be a comparison pilot. We have looked at Panopto (demos 1 and 2), Arc, and Ensemble. Arc is still in beta and not viable

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Middlebury will Adopt Canvas

In January, 2016, the ACTT (formerly CTT) submitted a recommendation for Middlebury to adopt Canvas. The Academic Technology Group has received budget approval, and will begin the work of moving Middlebury into the Canvas service. Thank you to all of

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RStudio Server

Membership Bill Koulopoulos – Sponsor Jim Stuart – Sponsor David Guertin – Team Leader Joe Antonioli Albert Kim Billy Sneed Charge Conduct a pilot of RStudio Server Pro to determine whether it can meet the needs of courses using the

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Canvas Adoption Proposal

Below is the official proposal for the adoption of Canvas, crafted and submitted by the Curricular Technology Team. Many faculty, students and staff contributed to the pilot that informed the proposal, we sincerely appreciate everyone’s efforts. There are a couple

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