Notes for Core Team May 18, 2016


No decision yet on Canvas. LS pilot is up and going with user/group provisioning via the Course Hub.

Basic Canvas overviews will need to be added to Language School orientations.

Discussion of location for Midd-created documentation about Canvas should live. ? Library and ITS wiki?


Joe has been trying out Palladio and Google Fusion Tables for visualizing the data. Mixed results, no tools totally satisfactory yet. Bob will put Joe in touch with META Lab who may have some suggestions around visualization.

What questions come to mind looking at the inventory data?

  • How many tools are in the life-cycle stage bucket compared to the total number of tools? Is this sustainable?
  • What criteria would trigger an evaluation? Can this be a score?
  • Agreement renewals
  • Budget
  • Utilization
  • Changes in the environment
  • New pedagogies and practices
  • New programs


The next large goal is to make 1/3/5 projections for items in the inventory so that the administration & community at large has some idea of where we see this inventory shifting.

Assignment for the next meeting: Look at the Classification 2D Array and pick an intersection. Come up with a set of questions that will help us make projections for 1, 3, 5 years out.

2 comments on “Notes for Core Team May 18, 2016
  1. Heather Stafford says:

    I’d vote for putting Canvas docs in the wiki. If we start breaking up our docs into multiple locations users can’t use the search function and they are less likely to remember where to go to find the info they need.

  2. Zach Schuetz says:

    I agree with Heather – documentation goes in the wiki. (Lest we forget, Canvas has their own extensive documentation, so we should be pointing people to that wherever possible for the details.) Also, I’m skeptical generally of putting official Midd stuff on a site outside the domain, though I could perhaps be talked out of this if I had a better idea of exactly what is. (For example, I’m not logged in to post this comment – no SSO.)

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