Canvas Adoption Proposal

Below is the official proposal for the adoption of Canvas, crafted and submitted by the Curricular Technology Team. Many faculty, students and staff contributed to the pilot that informed the proposal, we sincerely appreciate everyone’s efforts.

There are a couple of notes about the proposal:
  • The proposal assumes that the Canvas budget request will still be considered as of March 2016.
  • There has been some discussion about a Language School Canvas Pilot. We believe this is a good idea and will be happy to discuss support for the pilot, but our understanding is that this is still in the planning stages. We felt it was too early in the planning to include in the proposal, however we did talk about how a Language School Pilot would affect the timeline.
  • In the proposal we ask that Moodle be available until July 2017. At some point faculty will no longer be able to create new Moodle course sites but the exact date has not been set. Academic Technology and the Digital Learning Commons have been asked to discuss and address the shut-off date, or dates, in the communication and migration planning.

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